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Hot Chilli Chickpeas in 5

Although I love cooking and creating lovely food in my little kitchen, its the last place I want to be on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Its that time of the week where I do not want to do anything, just laze on the couch (if that’s possible with an overactive 2 year old), watch some […]

Mangalorean Black Channa/ Sonay Sukke.

Well its that time of the year when we Mangaloreans celebrate “The Nativity Day/ Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary“ or in Konkani ‘Monthi/ Monti Fest‘ which falls every year on the 8th of September. To celebrate “Nativity Day” last year I prepared the “Mangalorean Mixed Vegetable Coconut Curry with Spinach, Broccoli and Soya Beans“. This year I […]

Oven Roasted Swede with Mangalore Baffat powder- Nativity Day Special

Nativity Day is here and to celebrate I am blogging about one of my favourite oven roasted vegetable dishes.  ‘Swede’ or ‘Rustabaga’ originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip. In England, they are regularly eaten mashed as part of the traditional Sunday roast. Often they are boiled together with carrots and served either mashed or pureed […]

Methi and Oats Porridge. A postnatal recipe for new mothers..

This post has been long time due, almost 18months in the waiting……It takes me back to the time following the birth of Baby A.   The early days following the birth of Baby A was definitely a trying period for both hubby and myself. It was tiresome and manic at times, but one that was worth […]

Pineapple Rasam

For Hubby’s Birthday I made a pineapple and banana cake with a cheese and buttercream frosting (absolutely delicious- recipe coming soon). As I had some pineapple leftover that wasnt very sweet, thought of incorparating it into a savoury recipe. Since the last couple of days we’ve seen weather thats been chill, with gale force winds, and […]

Jegujje Sukke/ Deeviso Sukke or Breadfruit in a Dry Style with Coconut

This is one of my favourite vegetables.  Breadfruit when cooked, its flesh is soft, sweet and melt in the mouth. Mangaloreans have numerous recipes to enjoy this tasty vegetable. Some add it to meat curries instead of potatoes, some enjoy it as a dry vegetable/ sukke with a generous sprinkling of freshly grated coconut and […]

Wickedly Delicious- Minced Green Apple Pickle !

This summer our 3 year old hybrid apple tree gave us our first big crop. A lovely mix of golden delicious, red apples and green granny smith apples. Determined not to let any apples go to waste hubby and me set out to pickle the green granny smith apples in my very own spice mix…the […]

Mangalore Style Spicy Plantains with Dried Shrimp, Kele Sukke with Galmbi

This is my mom’s recipe for a very popular Mangalorean plantain preparation, that makes the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of steaming hot rice and lentil soup/ daaliso saar. The star ingredient in this dish being the “tiny dried shrimp” also known as “Galmbi” in Konkani . When added to the plantains these dried shrimp adds […]

Mangalore Style- Coconut-ey Brinjal Salad.

The smokiness of the roasted brinjals and the creaminess of the coconut milk make this salad melt-in-the mouth or simply delish. A dish thats not to be missed. I first tasted this exotic salad at Aunty Betty Sequeira’s house in Mangalore, India. She is an awesome cook and makes such palate pleasing dishes, that everyone […]

Mangalorean Mixed Vegetable Coconut Curry with Spinach, Broccoli and Soya Beans

I made this traditional, spicy and tongue tingling hot vegetable curry on the 8th of September 2011 to celebrate the birthday of Our Blessed Mother Mary. It was a healthy, tasty and a perfect accompaniment for the lacy appams. The spice blend I used is a classic ( my moms) and is very versatile, can […]