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South Indian Green Chilli Chicken Dry.

Do you ever go through phases where you would really like to enjoy a chilli hot meal, so hot that your nose is running, eyes are tearing and taste buds are losing the will to live?? Well thankfully I rarely go through these ‘hot chilli phases’, but when I do, the dish I instantly think […]

Bachelors Chicken Sukka or Mangalore Style Spicy Chicken with Coconut.

Chicken Sukka is a popular and much loved dish among Mangaloreans.  Every family has their own way of making it. Some families follow the traditional way of making the Chicken Sukka, by grinding down spices in a stone and then cooking the meat in this paste, finishing off with a final garnish of roasted coconut and onions. […]

Mangalore Style- Spicy Beaten Rice/ Theek Pou.

To go along with the Steamed Nendra bananas I posted early this week I made this very simple and quick Pou/ poha/ beaten rice.  The story behind this recipe: When Baby A was 3 months old we flew to India for his Grandparents, Uncles Aunties and Cousins to meet him. At the time my mom engaged for […]

Hot Chilli Chickpeas in 5

Although I love cooking and creating lovely food in my little kitchen, its the last place I want to be on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Its that time of the week where I do not want to do anything, just laze on the couch (if that’s possible with an overactive 2 year old), watch some […]

Pork Pepper Fry

We Mangi’s ( Mangalorean Catholics) love Pork and for us there is no celebration without Pork 🙂  You will find Pork served at most Mangalorean Catholic Weddings, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Christmas parties or any happy occasion.  This tasty Pork Pepper fry is a much loved family recipe. Hubby loves it. A very simple dish that requires no […]

Goan Pork Ribs and a Free CookBook??

Well a lot has happened since my last blog post.    My Cookbook Giveaway which began early this week is well underway. (If you missed my last post I am giving away “Annabel Karmel’s 100 Family Meals Cookbook” to one lucky reader. Simply enter to win here.  Also “Tickle My Senses” has been Nominated in the “Best Food Blog […]

Beef Chilly Fry- A treasured family recipe

We Mangi’s (short form for Mangaloreans) love our Beef. Be it a roast, a spicy curry, a stew or  a dry dish with coconut/ sukka. My favourite beef preparation by far would be the “Beef Chilly Fry”.    Every Mangalorean Catholic family has its own recipe for “Beef Chilly Fry”. Most recipes tend to be hot […]

Chilli Wings/ Wings on Fire

Any diehard fan of chicken wings is sure to devour these super simple chilli wings. Made using the “heavenly combo of chilli powder, lime or lemon juice and salt” it is simplicity and pleasure at its peak. Much like the Indian highway dhaaba food. Named them the “Wings of Fire” because of their lovely bright […]

Chilli Pork Ribs

This heartwarming and simple, spicy pork preparation is sure to hit all your senses and get your tastebuds dancing. Ingredients: Pork ribs: 500gms Oil : 1 tbsp Garlic flakes: 3 chopped. Chicken Stock: 1 cup made with 1 oxo chicken cube.   For Marinade: Kashmiri chilli powder: 1 tsp (adjust according to your spice levels. For […]

Pineapple Rasam

For Hubby’s Birthday I made a pineapple and banana cake with a cheese and buttercream frosting (absolutely delicious- recipe coming soon). As I had some pineapple leftover that wasnt very sweet, thought of incorparating it into a savoury recipe. Since the last couple of days we’ve seen weather thats been chill, with gale force winds, and […]