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Canned Tuna Spicy Fish Cutlets.

A few weeks ago I rambled about how Mangaloreans a fish loving breed cannot do without fish….well if you missed that post do head over here to learn more about our fish loving madness. Well at times when our fresh and frozen fish supplies are low or when there is an urge to eat fish that is not […]

Italian Salvia Fritta or Sage fritters.

If you love the Japanese ‘tempura’ or the Indian ‘onion bhajji’ you will love these delicate Italian fritters made from fresh fragnant Sage leaves. We first tried these fritters in Florence, Italy in a small little fish joint and thoroughly enjoyed them. The crispy and light beer batter delicately covers the fragnant sage leaves, every […]

Hearty chicken soup with vegetables and rice and an Announcement !!

Well the weather continues to be cold and windy and there seems to be no respite from the rain.  This week Baby A has had his 2 year development check and everything seems to be in good working order :). Now all that is left to do is to reduce the amount of milk he […]

Grilled Sandwich for tiny fingers: Cheesy Chicken and Vegetable Medley

This is 19 month old Baby A’s favourite wholesome grilled chicken sandwich. It has his all time favourites ingredients which is chicken and creamy philadelphia cheese, and his newfound love- heinz ketchup! (seriously he likes ketchup so much, he could paint himself and the town red with it).  I’ve added a medley of vegetables to […]

Instant Mangalorean Jackfruit/ Ponsachey Patholi

Baby A has grown to a reasonable height that now permits him to fiddle with all the buttons on my washing machine, dish washer and oven in the kitchen. There are several times when my washing machine has stopped mid-cycle because someone’s little fingers has been playing with the settings, and in that last minute […]

Chilli Pork Ribs

This heartwarming and simple, spicy pork preparation is sure to hit all your senses and get your tastebuds dancing. Ingredients: Pork ribs: 500gms Oil : 1 tbsp Garlic flakes: 3 chopped. Chicken Stock: 1 cup made with 1 oxo chicken cube.   For Marinade: Kashmiri chilli powder: 1 tsp (adjust according to your spice levels. For […]

Pineapple Rasam

For Hubby’s Birthday I made a pineapple and banana cake with a cheese and buttercream frosting (absolutely delicious- recipe coming soon). As I had some pineapple leftover that wasnt very sweet, thought of incorparating it into a savoury recipe. Since the last couple of days we’ve seen weather thats been chill, with gale force winds, and […]

Sweet Date and Walnut Crescents/ Nevryo/ Nevrio, Karanji, Kajjayakalu for Christmas.

I am almost coming to the end of my Kuswar/Christmas sweet making journey for this year. It is Christmas in less than 10 days and my cupboard is stocked with Special Karakadde or Chilli  and Ginger flavoured Spicy Gramflour sticks, Rosette Cookies/ Roce Cookies/ Kokkisan, Sweet Semolina Balls with Almonds, Raisins and Condensed milk/Rava Laddus, Butter Chakkuli’s/ Crispy Savoury […]

Special Karakadde or Chilli -Ginger flavoured Spicy Gramflour sticks- Kuswar

Yes, I have started this year’s Kuswar preparation with a bang. The first Kuswar/ Mangalorean Christmas treat I decided to start with this year is hubby’s favourite, Karakadde or Spicy Gramflour sticks, which is a savoury and crispy snack that compliments any drink.  I guarantee, your guests will not be able to stop munching them :~) […]