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Mangalore Style Crab Pepper Fry.

Mangalore is a relatively small city on the south-west coast of India and we Mangalorean Catholics (Mangi’s) are a ‘fish loving breed’ known for their undying love of seafood. Mangi’s can eat fish, breathe fish and die for fish too ūüėČ (though as a matter of fact anything that moves could easily satisfy our meaty […]

Mangalore Bunt Style- Simple Fish Curry without Coconut.

Mangalore falls under the rich and bountiful Konkan region of the South-West coast of India. This coast is lush with paddy fields, coconut-laden palms and sun kissed beaches.¬†You will never tire of eating in Mangalore. Home to several communities ( to mention a few: the ‘Mangalore Christians’, ‘Bunts’ and ‘Moplah community’ ) it is endowed […]

Bachelors Chicken Sukka or Mangalore Style Spicy Chicken with Coconut.

Chicken Sukka is a popular and much loved dish among Mangaloreans.¬†¬†Every family has their own way of making it. Some families follow the traditional way of making the¬†Chicken Sukka, by grinding down spices in a stone and then cooking the meat in this paste, finishing off with a final garnish of roasted coconut and onions. […]

Mangalore Style- Spicy Beaten Rice/ Theek Pou.

To go along with the¬†Steamed Nendra bananas¬†I posted early this week I made this very simple and quick Pou/ poha/ beaten rice.¬† The story behind this recipe: When Baby A was 3 months old we flew to India for his Grandparents, Uncles Aunties and Cousins to meet him. At the time my mom engaged for […]

EASTER SPECIAL: Spicy Roast Chicken

We are less than a week away from Easter, and¬†in the the UK we have a 4 day long weekend to celebrate Easter. My to-do list is almost sorted. Plans have been made to visit church, time for¬†long distance calls to family,¬†friends to get-together, sharing of home cooked meals, drinks, more meals, more drinks, and […]

Boiled Eggs in a Mangalore Style Hot, Sweet and Sour Gravy without Coconut.

Well we are well into the Lenten season, and for the past couple of weeks our diet has been mainly Vegetarian with the odd Seafood, Chicken or Eggs. (Meat is so hardwired into our systems, don’t think any Mangi Catholic can actually abstain from any form of meat ūüėČ but for those who do…Kudos ūüôā […]

Simple Hot and Sour Fish Curry without Coconut/ Amshi Tikshi Fish Curry-3

Mangalore owing to its Coastal location is known for its bountiful fish and Mangaloreans for their love of making and eating fish. ¬†Every Mangalorean Catholic household has their own set of recipes for making fish curries, and believe you me each one’s curry will vary in taste and flavour ¬†based on the permutation and combination […]

Simple Mangalore Style Fish Curry without Coconut

Happy New Year dear readers and apologies for not bringing you recipes during the most exciting season of the year, Christmas, and for not responding to any of your comments or queries these past few weeks!! I have been away across the seas to a place they call HOME, amidst people that mean the world […]

Beef Chilly Fry- A treasured family recipe

We Mangi’s (short form for Mangaloreans) love our Beef. Be it a roast, a spicy curry, a stew or ¬†a dry dish with coconut/ sukka.¬†My favourite beef preparation by far would be the “Beef Chilly Fry”.¬† ¬† Every Mangalorean Catholic family has its own recipe for “Beef Chilly Fry”. Most recipes tend to be hot […]

Mangalore Style Spicy Rabbit Sukka/ Sukkha, Rabbit in a Spicy Dry Coconut Gravy.

Well Britian has been gripped with subzero temperatures, snow and flooding the past week. ¬†There has been traffic disruption, closed schools and lots of snowmen :)) We have tried to keep warm, the heating has been running 24X7 and we’ve been through a lot of spicy comforting home food. Image taken from the Guardian ¬† […]