Spices and Herbs used in Mangalorean Cookery.

Spices and Herbs used in Mangalorean Cookery. Red chilies are used in the preparation of spice pastes/ masalas in Mangalorean cookery. There are 4 different varieties used most commonly in Mangalorean dishes. Byadagi or Kaddi Chillies-Byadagi chilies are grown in Goa and Dharwar in Karnataka. The thin, tall crinkly Chilli gets its name from a […]

Roasted Wild Garlic Pickle

Pickles are an all time favorite. Those who know hubby well know of his undying love for pickles. Pickles that are hot, spicy or the fermented kind.¬†They have the amazing ability to make any mundane meal tasty. Homemade pickles prepared using seasonal produce with a variety of healthy spices like fenugreek, coriander, cumin are a […]

Mangalorean Sweet, Sour and Spicy Pumpkin Curry/ Dudi Koddel

Growing up in a beautiful and vibrant boarding school, run by nuns, in Bengaluru, during the eighties, conjures up joyful memories. Whilst, I fondly reminiscence the friendships, midnight feasts and newfound freedom, I truly missed my parents and my mom’s delightful cooking. The wonderful nuns who ran the kitchen cooked us fresh, balanced and hot […]

Eid Mubarak and A Delicious Muslim Biryani Recipe!!

Who can resist a delicious Biryani? Not me nor any rice lover that I know. A wholesome dish of rice and vegetable or meat served with a raitha, my definition of gastro nirvana ūüôā ¬† Delicate long grains of Basmati rice gently cooked with fragrant whole spices, layered with a deliciously spicy chicken gravy thats […]

Canned Tuna Spicy Fish Cutlets.

A few weeks ago I rambled about how Mangaloreans a fish loving breed cannot do without fish….well if you missed that post do head over¬†here¬†to learn more about our fish loving madness. Well at times when our fresh and frozen fish supplies are low¬†or when there is an urge to eat fish that is not […]

Kids Special: Fish pie with Red peppers and Broccoli.

There are 3 ways Baby A enjoys fish. One is fish fry, the second is fish fingers and his favorite by far is Fish Pie. Baby A was first introduced to Fish pie at his nursery.¬†Well I have tried my hand at different fish pies for Baby A, but this one seems to be his […]

Simple Chicken Curry with Potatoes without Coconut.

Potatoes in a curry….oh yeah…anyday!! I am a sucker for potatoes in a curry.¬†Be it an egg curry, mutton or beef curry or the famous¬†Goan sausage¬†curry, its gotta have potatoes in it ūüôā ¬† If you have never tried adding potatoes to your curry, and you are wondering what the obsession is all about, let […]

South Indian Green Chilli Chicken Dry.

Do you ever go through phases where you would really like to enjoy a chilli hot meal, so hot that your nose is running, eyes are tearing and taste buds are losing the will to live?? Well thankfully I rarely go through these ‘hot chilli phases’, but when I do, the dish I instantly think […]

Simple Mangalore Tomato Saar or Tomato Soup without lentils.

Who can resist a steaming hot bowl of tomato saar to either drown your rice in or to sip as an appetiser before or after a meal? Well not me, or any Mangi that I have come cross. ¬† This tomato saar recipe is for the LAZY….sorry beg your pardon!! did I just say that…ahem.. […]