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Masala Baked Lobsters.

This hot and spicy baked lobster preparation is a change from the usual Garlic Butter Herb Lobster, or Lobster Thermidor. This is yet another recipe, where the traditional Mangalorean Chilli paste/ Meet Mirsang paste comes to use. A thin smearing of the Meet Mirsang/ Chilli paste over the cut surface of the lobster followed by a  a generous […]

Oven baked tomato chicken- for little tots.

This is Baby A’s favourite baked chicken dish. Its is tomatoey and tangy with a hint of flavour from the curry leaves and herbs. I usually double the recipe as Baby A happily ignores all the sides on his plate and just goes for the chicken. Ingredients: Serves 1 Chicken thigh or leg with skin […]

Methi and Oats Porridge. A postnatal recipe for new mothers..

This post has been long time due, almost 18months in the waiting……It takes me back to the time following the birth of Baby A.   The early days following the birth of Baby A was definitely a trying period for both hubby and myself. It was tiresome and manic at times, but one that was worth […]

Chilli Wings/ Wings on Fire

Any diehard fan of chicken wings is sure to devour these super simple chilli wings. Made using the “heavenly combo of chilli powder, lime or lemon juice and salt” it is simplicity and pleasure at its peak. Much like the Indian highway dhaaba food. Named them the “Wings of Fire” because of their lovely bright […]

Simple Hot and Spicy Beef Curry! The Express Way!

This is another Express recipe I developed when I wasnt in the mood for the laborious intricacies..roasting /grinding and frying..etc….etc….. if you like one pot and non- fuss wonders this recipe is for you, will save you lots of time …..simply toss in all the ingredients into a pot and let it cook slowly allowing […]

Sauteed Cabbage with Chilly, Ginger and Coconut/ Cabbage Sukke- The Express Way!

Well you know those days when you trying to keep up with a budding baby whose just learned to crawl, have a pile of clothes sitting in a corner, carpets that have seen better days and a whole load of mail that needs to be acted on…..well on such days the last thing on my […]