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Oven Roasted Swede with Mangalore Baffat powder- Nativity Day Special

Nativity Day is here and to celebrate I am blogging about one of my favourite oven roasted vegetable dishes.  ‘Swede’ or ‘Rustabaga’ originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip. In England, they are regularly eaten mashed as part of the traditional Sunday roast. Often they are boiled together with carrots and served either mashed or pureed […]

Oven baked tomato chicken- for little tots.

This is Baby A’s favourite baked chicken dish. Its is tomatoey and tangy with a hint of flavour from the curry leaves and herbs. I usually double the recipe as Baby A happily ignores all the sides on his plate and just goes for the chicken. Ingredients: Serves 1 Chicken thigh or leg with skin […]

Wholesome, Spicy and Moist Carrot, Raisin and Nut Cupcake.

There is a light at the end of every tunnel and the sun returns after every storm…..has been my latest mantra…..Well its Chicken Pox this time!! Just when Baby A was returning to his cheerful, bubbly and cheeky self, the nasty varicella virus knocks. Its been a difficult few days emotionally and physically. On  days like this, the […]

Jamaican Grilled Jerk Chicken

I love Caribbean cuisine and whenever we get a chance, we visit “Yeahman” our favourite family run Caribbean joint in Bournemouth to have some delicious Jerk Chicken or Goat curry served along with a satisfying kidney bean rice and salsa. I have tried many versions of the jerk chicken and this grilled version I find simple and irresistible. […]

Hot, Spicy and Divine Oxtail Vindaloo and its Back to Work again!!!

 “Wow that’s the best dish you’ve ever made”……exclaimed hubby after he had one bite of this “Melt in the mouth” oxtail cooked in a hot, enticingly spicy and simple Vindaloo curry. Must try it to believe it! Oxtail is a bony, gelatin-rich meat, which is usually slow-cooked as a stew or braised. It makes a delicious soup […]

Mangalore Style- Coconut-ey Brinjal Salad.

The smokiness of the roasted brinjals and the creaminess of the coconut milk make this salad melt-in-the mouth or simply delish. A dish thats not to be missed. I first tasted this exotic salad at Aunty Betty Sequeira’s house in Mangalore, India. She is an awesome cook and makes such palate pleasing dishes, that everyone […]

Oven Roasted Fish in a Spicy North African Chermoula Marinade

I first discovered the zesty chermoula marinade at a Speciality Fish restaurant in Poole, UK.  This flavoursome and herby North African marinade is one I have never tried before. I liked the flavours so much that despite the embarassment of hubby I requested the chef for the recipe. As expected the chef did not give […]