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Tomato and Herb Scrambled Eggs.

Baby A is now 18 months old. Ive tried feeding him eggs in different forms since he was 9m. This is by far one of Baby A’s favourite form of scrambled eggs. I guess he loves the flavour and colour the tomatoes lend to the eggs. I have used a pinch of sweet smoky paprika […]

Methi and Oats Porridge. A postnatal recipe for new mothers..

This post has been long time due, almost 18months in the waiting……It takes me back to the time following the birth of Baby A.   The early days following the birth of Baby A was definitely a trying period for both hubby and myself. It was tiresome and manic at times, but one that was worth […]

Soft and Fluffy American Style Pancakes

American style pancakes make for the perfect weekend breakfast treat. This is a very simple recipe, adapted from one of Nigella’s shows……makes a very tasty and satisfying start to the weekend….. Serve along with crispy streaky bacon …. or …. if you are craving a sweet treat …..serve along with red, sweet and luscious strawberries […]

Beaten-rice/ Avalakki or Poha Dosa

This soft and tasty dosa, is very simple to make. It uses ground rice and beaten rice/ avalakki/ poha. Its very simple to make as here I have made use of ready made Appam podi / Appam rice flour which is made of ground rice available in all Asian/ Kerala stores . If you cannot […]

Hearty Mangalore Buns.

Unbelievably the first time I tried Mangalore buns was not in Mangalore, but in SDM Dental College canteen in Dharwad. This was my usual morning breakfast during the years I spent at college and I never grew tired of eating it.These crusty on the outside and soft on the inside deep fried delights make a […]

Methi Rava Idlis

I love rava idlis because they are tasty, healthy and most importantly very easy to make. Needs no previous day preparation like soaking/ grinding/ fermentation which is the biggest positive to making these idlis. Their taste can be varied by addition of different flavourings like freshly chopped coriander leaves/ mint leaves/ grated carrot/ spinach leaves/ […]

Simple Sajjige/ Upma ready in 5

On those mornings when everything seems to be too much of an effort ( which most mornings are) a quick and simple 5 minutes Sajjige rules. This wonderfully rich carbohydrate dish gives the body the required energy boost to start the day on a high . Not only is it simple to make, it hardly […]

Eggy Mania- Masala Egg Burji

Now who can say no to eggs…hmmm…not me….my love for eggs has been an off and on affair…..truly hated eggs when i was in school at SFX boarding, when we were served cold bulls eyes ( sunny side up) or egg omelettes for breakfast… truly had a hard time either passing them on to willing […]