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Mangalorean Black Channa/ Sonay Sukke.

Well its that time of the year when we Mangaloreans celebrate “The Nativity Day/ Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary“ or in Konkani ‘Monthi/ Monti Fest‘ which falls every year on the 8th of September. To celebrate “Nativity Day” last year I prepared the “Mangalorean Mixed Vegetable Coconut Curry with Spinach, Broccoli and Soya Beans“. This year I […]

Mangalorean Pothrade/ Pathrade/ Steamed Spicy Rice and Colocossia leaves Cake

I never really appreciated these flavourful and lightly spiced nutrient packed, steamed rice cakes in my younger days. Now that I live across the seas with thousands of miles that seperate me from my dear mum who used to painstakingly prepare these rice cakes from scratch and serve them drenched in a delicious coconut curry […]

Mangalorean Mixed Vegetable Coconut Curry with Spinach, Broccoli and Soya Beans

I made this traditional, spicy and tongue tingling hot vegetable curry on the 8th of September 2011 to celebrate the birthday of Our Blessed Mother Mary. It was a healthy, tasty and a perfect accompaniment for the lacy appams. The spice blend I used is a classic ( my moms) and is very versatile, can […]

Mangalorean Cucumber Baffat Sukke

This is a tasty vegetable dish combining cooking cucumber/vegetable marrow and marrow fat peas, flavoured using the popular spicy mangalorean baffat powder. Ingredients: Large cooking cucumber/Marrow:1  Onion large sliced: 1  Mangalorean Baffat powder: 3tsps  Curry leaves: 1 sprig  Green chillies slit:2  Dessicated /freshly grated coconut: 1/4 cup  Tamarind juice- 3tsps  Salt to taste  Dried Marrow […]

Mangalorean Gosale Theil Piao/ Ridge Gourd Palya

This ridged and the textured gourd is one of my favourite vegetables. Appreciate its sweet and delicate flavours by simply cooking it with one of the simplest Mangalorean vegetable cooking styles called ‘theil piao’ which when literally translated means onion and oil. I have added a few more ingredients to enhance flavours of this vegetable. […]

Bhendi losun-miri fry/ Lady finger garlic-pepper fry

Lady Fingers/ Okra/ Bhendis is a very popular vegetable at home. If cooked properly with the right blend of spices these slimy green fingers can be turned into a delicious vegetable. I have used a combination of pepper and fried garlic to add flavor to this dish. It is truly worth trying. Served best with […]