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Kids Special: Fish pie with Red peppers and Broccoli.

There are 3 ways Baby A enjoys fish. One is fish fry, the second is fish fingers and his favorite by far is Fish Pie. Baby A was first introduced to Fish pie at his nursery.¬†Well I have tried my hand at different fish pies for Baby A, but this one seems to be his […]

Creamy Chicken Pie with Peppers for little ones.

This is yet another “Chicken Pie” that Baby A enjoys. The creamy potato mash topping with stringy mozarella bits and juicy chicken pieces in a mild pepper flavoured gravy will bring a smile to most little faces including fussy ones ūüôā ¬† To Make¬†Creamy Chicken with Peppers Pie Makes: 2 toddler servings Ingredients: Chicken : […]

Hearty chicken soup with vegetables and rice and an Announcement !!

Well the weather continues to be cold and windy and there seems to be no respite from the rain.¬† This week Baby A has had his 2 year development check and everything seems to be in good working order :). Now all that is left to do is to reduce the amount of milk he […]

Simple Baked Chicken pie for little hearts.

Well the weather has been cold, wet, grey and depressing for the most of October and early November. We haven’t had much of a summer either, and as we head into the Christamas season the days are shorter and the nights seem to start at 5:30 pm and last forever. hmmmph :(( To lift our […]

Comforting Chicken Soup for little ones.

Ever since Baby A ¬†started eating solids, he has gone through regular phases of “eating” and “not eating”. There are days when feeding him is a breeze, and other days when he is either not in the mood or is unwell ( which is very often….thanks to him going to nursery!! ) It is this […]

Chicken Noodles with Mushrooms and Spinach for little monkeys!!

Most children love noodles and this is Baby A’s favourite chicken noodles recipe. This delicious noodles preparation is packed with the goodness of vegetables and chicken, and is a¬†super easy way to get your lil ones to enjoy a balanced meal. Its a joy to watch Baby A having fun slurping up these soft egg […]

Tomato and Herb Scrambled Eggs.

Baby A is now 18 months old. Ive tried feeding him eggs in different forms since he was 9m. This is by far one of Baby A’s favourite form of scrambled eggs. I guess he loves the flavour and colour the tomatoes lend to the eggs. I have used a pinch of sweet smoky paprika […]

Grilled Sandwich for tiny fingers: Cheesy Chicken and Vegetable Medley

This is 19 month old Baby A’s favourite wholesome grilled chicken sandwich. It has his all time favourites ingredients which is chicken and creamy philadelphia cheese, and his newfound love- heinz ketchup! (seriously he likes ketchup so much, he could paint himself and the town red with it).¬† I’ve added a medley of vegetables to […]

Oven baked tomato chicken- for little tots.

This is Baby A’s favourite baked chicken dish. Its is tomatoey and tangy with a hint of flavour from the curry leaves and herbs. I usually double the recipe as Baby A happily ignores all the sides on his plate and just goes for the chicken. Ingredients: Serves 1 Chicken thigh or leg with skin […]

Orange Chicken

If your little one loves oranges and chicken, and is not quite used to spicy food yet, then he or she is sure to love this super easy, mildly flavoured, combination of oranges and chicken. I have used sage for flavour and a pinch of black pepper for spice. An added squeeze of fresh orange […]