Mango Cake with Fresh Mango chunks and Pecan nuts

Well we all love Mangoes and most often enjoy their golden sweet succulent flesh in the peak of their ripeness, in its virgin form. Peel off their skin from one side  then let your teeth sink into their sweet cheeks, peel and eat till you reach their center white core then repeat the other side, […]

Fusili pasta with Red peppers and Boiled Eggs.

Its been ages since we had Toddler/ Kid friendly recipes posted here. Apologies!  I have been too busy making and posting all my favourite grown up recipes, that there is a backlog of kid friendly recipes sitting in my Draft folders waiting to to see the light of day 🙂 Well this pasta recipe is […]

Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings/ Baked Spicy Chicken Wings!

  If you are a Wings lover, I am about to change your life. I am about to make you the happiest person on the planet. I am about to tell you how to make a very tasty hot and spicy chicken wings dish, better known as Buffalo Chicken wings!!. The original Buffalo Chicken Wings is […]

Garlic Butter Stir fried Prawns with Black pepper and Crushed Fennel seeds.

I have been upto my ears the past couple of weeks, its been so hectic, my life has been swamped with household chores, a couple of house get togethers, cooking cooking more cooking and a teeny bopper whose been testing boundaries. Well I am so pleased to now say that the busy period is over […]

Mangalore Style Crab Pepper Fry.

Mangalore is a relatively small city on the south-west coast of India and we Mangalorean Catholics (Mangi’s) are a ‘fish loving breed’ known for their undying love of seafood. Mangi’s can eat fish, breathe fish and die for fish too 😉 (though as a matter of fact anything that moves could easily satisfy our meaty […]

Savoury Hot Egg Puffs using Mangalorean Spices!

Light flaky layers of puff pastry enveloping a delightful spicy stuffing of Boiled Eggs with Mangalore spices, my definition of  ‘Tea time Ecstasy’. My fondest memories of these delish and enticing savoury Egg puffs goes back to the early 2000, when I was working in a dental college in Domlur, Bangalore, India. Our number one choice for unwinding […]

Egg free and No-Churn Tender Coconut Ice cream.

I first came across the concept of ‘Tender Coconut Ice cream’ on my recent trip home. A post dinner drive to the Naturals Icecream parlour a couple of minutes from home is simply not be missed. A few flavours packed into boxes,  we would rush home to indulge our senses and our already bursting bellies […]

Italian Salvia Fritta or Sage fritters.

If you love the Japanese ‘tempura’ or the Indian ‘onion bhajji’ you will love these delicate Italian fritters made from fresh fragnant Sage leaves. We first tried these fritters in Florence, Italy in a small little fish joint and thoroughly enjoyed them. The crispy and light beer batter delicately covers the fragnant sage leaves, every […]

Barbequed King Prawns in a Coriander, Chilli and Lime Marinade.

Perfect for those Sunny days!! Foodie friends, its time to slather on your suncream, put on your sun hats and fill up your glasses, for the sun is finally peeking through  🙂 Do dust off those barbies, light up those coals and let them glow!! Enjoy these juicy and delicious barbequed (can be even oven grilled) […]

Afghan Style Mutton Pulao, Qabili Palau, Kabuli Palao, Qubuli Uzbaki.

Delicate grains of  Basmati rice parboiled till tender, then delicately tossed  with a rich gravy of  browned onions and whole spices,  flavoured with the delicious juices of tender lamb or chicken, sealed in a large pot and baked gently and slowly, till the rice is long, fluffy and distinctly seperate, served in a large platter […]