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Simple Chicken Curry with Potatoes without Coconut.

Potatoes in a curry….oh yeah…anyday!! I am a sucker for potatoes in a curry. Be it an egg curry, mutton or beef curry or the famous Goan sausage curry, its gotta have potatoes in it 🙂   If you have never tried adding potatoes to your curry, and you are wondering what the obsession is all about, let […]

Mangalore Style Pepper Chicken Curry

We mangies love our pepper. It is one of those spices that is used world over, that can be sprinkled over almost everything. Pepper (Miri in Konkani) is one of the major intercrops grown in Mangalore. Hence you will also find here many pepper based dishes. Dishes like Pepper Roast, Pepper fry, Chicken/Mutton Pepper Curry are […]