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Simple Mangalore Tomato Saar or Tomato Soup without lentils.

Who can resist a steaming hot bowl of tomato saar to either drown your rice in or to sip as an appetiser before or after a meal? Well not me, or any Mangi that I have come cross.   This tomato saar recipe is for the LAZY….sorry beg your pardon!! did I just say that…ahem.. […]

Mangalore style Daaliso saar with Bimblee – Lentil Soup, My Mom’s Way.

This is the recipe for traditional Daaliso saar with Bimblees (lentil soup) made at home to accompany white or boiled rice and a meat dish. I learned this recipe from my mum who learned it from her mom . Alongside with masala fried fish the combination is sublime. Bimblees are also known as Bimbli or […]

Mangalore Style Spinach Daaliso Saar

This hearty and healthy /low fat daal is packed with the goodness of spinach, it is simple to make and an excellent accompaniment to white rice/ chappatis. Food Fact: Spinach is well known to be a nutritional power house. It is rich in calcium required for strong bones, vitamins A and C plus the fiber, […]

Mangalorean Daaliso Saar/ Lentil Soup

This is my MIL’s recipe for a tasty, simple and traditional Mangalorean Daaliso saar(lentil soup). This saar is an excellent companion to plain rice, fried fish and pickle. Thanks to Bindhiya my sil for teaching me how to make it. Ingredients: Tur dal: 1/2 cup Onion slices: 1 Tomatoes chopped: 2 small Green Chillies slit: […]

Sambhar with drumsticks, brinjals, kualo, and potato

I could never make a good sambhar. However with time, trial and error I can now make a fairly tasty sambhar. This is my version of a sambhar.   Recipe for Sambhar with Assorted vegetables:   Ingredients for Step 1:   Toor daal( oily)- 1.5 cup Crushed garlic- 1big flake Ginger- 1 inch Tomato chopped- […]

Mangalorean moong and tender jackfruit vegetable sukkhe

Moong and Tender Jackfruit Sukkhe Sukkhe means “dry” and is one of the most popular ways of preparing vegetables in South Canara (South Mangalore). This vegetable dish contains a good sprinkling of grated coconut which gives the dish its flavour and texture. As every mangalore family has their own interpretation of a vegetable sukkhe this […]