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Eid Mubarak and A Delicious Muslim Biryani Recipe!!

Who can resist a delicious Biryani? Not me nor any rice lover that I know. A wholesome dish of rice and vegetable or meat served with a raitha, my definition of gastro nirvana ūüôā ¬† Delicate long grains of Basmati rice gently cooked with fragrant whole spices, layered with a deliciously spicy chicken gravy thats […]

Afghan Style Mutton Pulao, Qabili Palau, Kabuli Palao, Qubuli Uzbaki.

Delicate grains of ¬†Basmati rice parboiled till tender, then delicately tossed ¬†with a rich gravy of ¬†browned onions and whole spices, ¬†flavoured with the delicious juices of tender lamb or chicken, sealed in a large pot and baked gently and slowly, till the rice is long, fluffy and distinctly seperate, served in a large platter […]

Simple Hot and Spicy Egg Dum Biriyani

This Hot and Spicy Egg Dum Biriyani is another one of my creations in times of need. I must say it is tasty, flavoursome and surely satisfying. Definitely worth savouring. This year our fennel plant produced a lot of fennel seeds/ sweet cumin/ saunf.¬†Dried fennel seed is an aromatic and fruity, anise/ licorice-flavoured spice, which […]

Egg Pulao

This tasty pulao is a simple and wholesome dish. It works well during the lenten season when meat is restricted. Serve with raitha, hot pickle and vegetable. Ingredients:¬†Serves 5-6 Boiled Eggs whole: 6 Basmati Rice: 2 1/2 cups Green cardamom: 3 Whole cloves: 4 Bay leaf- 1 large Cinnamon- 2 inches Turmeric powder: 1/4tsp Lemon: […]