Special Karakadde or Chilli -Ginger flavoured Spicy Gramflour sticks- Kuswar

Yes, I have started this year’s Kuswar preparation with a bang.

The first Kuswar/ Mangalorean Christmas treat I decided to start with this year is hubby’s favourite, Karakadde or Spicy Gramflour sticks, which is a savoury and crispy snack that compliments any drink.  I guarantee, your guests will not be able to stop munching them :~)
This is a very simple, yet tasty recipe for crispy, spicy and very addictive Karakadde/ Spicy gram flour sticks. The uniqueness to this recipe is that, unlike the usual karakadde recipes that use chilli powder for the spice/ heat, this recipe uses ground green chillies and ginger, which makes it very unique and Christmassey!!
Make sure you double the quantity as they make a dissappearing act without much effort 🙂

Recipe Source- Adapted from Aunty Betty’s recipe book. Original recipe uses 25gms cornflour and 25 gms green chilli.

Gram flour: 250 gms
Green chillies: 25 gms
Ginger: 2 inches
Oil : 1/2 cup
Hing: 1 tsp
Cornflour: 2 tsps
Ajwain: 2 large pinches.
Salt to taste
Water to make soft dough
Oil for deep frying

1. Grind green chillies, ginger and hing to make a fine paste without water (I used a little oil from the 1/2 cup measure to make a paste in my blender).
2. Heat the remainder of the 1/2 cup oil in a pan, add the ground paste, and fry well.
3. Pour the hot fried spice paste and all the oil over the gramflour in a bowl. Wait for it to cool.
4. When cool mix well into the gramflour, add salt and water to make a soft chappatti dough.
5. Add the cornflour and ajwain/oma seeds and knead the dough well. It is okay for the dough to be sticky.
6. Divide the mixture into 5-6 balls, then pass through a  karakadde maker over hot oil.
7. Fry till the karakadde turns a lovely golden colour. Do not overfry. Drain over tissue paper.
Once cool pack in airtight boxes. Keeps well for several weeks, that is  if it remains 🙂

Serve as appetizers for your Christmas party along with drinks. 


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