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Celebrating Love with “Love Cake” and the 100th Post”

…..yes love is in the air…its Christmas in a couple of weeks, my baby is almost one,  the love of my life Clem has been the best dad and partner ever…….. and its the much awaited 100th blog post……yes I am on a high!!…Praise God…:) I would like to take this opportunity to thank all […]

Sweet Date and Walnut Crescents/ Nevryo/ Nevrio, Karanji, Kajjayakalu for Christmas.

I am almost coming to the end of my Kuswar/Christmas sweet making journey for this year. It is Christmas in less than 10 days and my cupboard is stocked with Special Karakadde or Chilli  and Ginger flavoured Spicy Gramflour sticks, Rosette Cookies/ Roce Cookies/ Kokkisan, Sweet Semolina Balls with Almonds, Raisins and Condensed milk/Rava Laddus, Butter Chakkuli’s/ Crispy Savoury […]

Special Karakadde or Chilli -Ginger flavoured Spicy Gramflour sticks- Kuswar

Yes, I have started this year’s Kuswar preparation with a bang. The first Kuswar/ Mangalorean Christmas treat I decided to start with this year is hubby’s favourite, Karakadde or Spicy Gramflour sticks, which is a savoury and crispy snack that compliments any drink.  I guarantee, your guests will not be able to stop munching them :~) […]

Rosette Cookies/ Roce Cookies/ Kokkisan

Ever wondered why Rosette cookies or Roce cookies are traditionally made for Christmas all over the world?? Hmmm…Ive thought about it as well…been unsuccessful in finding an answer…..so deduce that because flowers are nature’s ultimate expression of God’s love, Beautiful rosettes when prepared with love during Christmas gratify the Lord!!  It is still unknown as […]

Butter Chakkuli’s/ Crispy Savoury Flour wheels.

This is one of the tastiest Savoury Christmas goodies/ Kuswar that I make and we love at home.    Chakkuli’s or Crispy savoury flour wheels are light, crunchy, buttery and melt-in-the mouth. They can be made and enjoyed throughout the year. But not in my home…. I can hardly be bothered during the year, but […]

Sweet Semolina Balls with Almonds, Raisins and Condensed milk/ Rava Laddus

In the Christmas Sweets/Kuswar collection there usually tends to be atleast one sweetened ball/ laddu preparation made. Out of the 3 most common sweetened ball/ laddu preparation ( rice laddu, sesame seed/till laddu and semolina/ rava laddu), my favorite is the Semolina/ Rava laddu.  These balls or laddus are dead easy to prepare and very […]

Are you Getting Ready for Christmas!!

It is exactly a month to Christmas…….and its the beginning of Advent……. time to dust off the advent wreath and pop in on your door :)….yes friends it is the four weeks before Christmas……….and I’m loving it!!……. ….. for me the build up to Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year….when you feel […]

Caribbean Fruit Cake for Christmas!!

This Christmas Cake recipe was first posted in December 2011. It has been reposted again this year as it is a really good cake. For Christmas this year I have chosen to make an exotic fruit cake. Not the regular every year Christmas cake but a prize winning one with a Caribbean touch. This cake was […]