Simple Sajjige/ Upma ready in 5

On those mornings when everything seems to be too much of an effort ( which most mornings are) a quick and simple 5 minutes Sajjige rules. This wonderfully rich carbohydrate dish gives the body the required energy boost to start the day on a high . Not only is it simple to make, it hardly involves any preparation except mincing a few green chillies and voila its ready.Use slit green chillies for mild heat or reduce no. of minced chillies. Can also be packed as a lunchie munchie. As a child I remember eating this Sajjige for breakfast with a generous sprinkling of sugar. Serve with chutney or vegetable palya.
Ingredients: Serves 2
Semi coarse rava: 1 cup
Mustard seeds: 1 tsp
Green chillies: 3 nos minced finely, reduce chilli for milder heat.
Ginger paste: tiny pinch (optional)
Naked urad dhal : 1 tsp
Curry leaves (washed) : 1sprig
Grated/ Dessicated coconut: 2-3 tbsps
Sugar: 1.5 tsps
Hot water: 1.5 cups
Salt- 1/2 tsp
Sunflower Oil: 2.5 tsps ( for added flavour substitute 1tsp of oil with ghee)
1. Put kettle on for hot water. Finely chop green chillies. Adjust no. of chillies based on heat preference. Use 1-2 for mild-moderate heat.
2. In a vessel heat oil, when hot add mustard seeds, once it splutters add urad dal, curry leaves and finely chopped green chillies, and ginger paste (optional) fry for a minute.
3. Add rava and fry for a minute or more till rava evenly browned (light brown), stirring to evenly colour.
4. Add sugar, salt, grated coconut, and hot water, mix well, taste for seasoning and close lid. Allow to cook on low flame till all water has evaporated.
Let sajjige rest in its own heat for a couple of minutes. Run a fork through the Sajjige.
Yummy Sajjige is ready, serve hot with chutney or vegetable palya or a generous sprinkling of sugar 🙂

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