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Savoury Hot Egg Puffs using Mangalorean Spices!

Light flaky layers of puff pastry enveloping a delightful spicy stuffing of Boiled Eggs with Mangalore spices, my definition of  ‘Tea time Ecstasy’. My fondest memories of these delish and enticing savoury Egg puffs goes back to the early 2000, when I was working in a dental college in Domlur, Bangalore, India. Our number one choice for unwinding […]

Boiled Eggs in a Mangalore Style Hot, Sweet and Sour Gravy without Coconut.

Well we are well into the Lenten season, and for the past couple of weeks our diet has been mainly Vegetarian with the odd Seafood, Chicken or Eggs. (Meat is so hardwired into our systems, don’t think any Mangi Catholic can actually abstain from any form of meat 😉 but for those who do…Kudos 🙂 […]

Tomato and Herb Scrambled Eggs.

Baby A is now 18 months old. Ive tried feeding him eggs in different forms since he was 9m. This is by far one of Baby A’s favourite form of scrambled eggs. I guess he loves the flavour and colour the tomatoes lend to the eggs. I have used a pinch of sweet smoky paprika […]

Simple Hot and Spicy Egg Dum Biriyani

This Hot and Spicy Egg Dum Biriyani is another one of my creations in times of need. I must say it is tasty, flavoursome and surely satisfying. Definitely worth savouring. This year our fennel plant produced a lot of fennel seeds/ sweet cumin/ saunf. Dried fennel seed is an aromatic and fruity, anise/ licorice-flavoured spice, which […]

Egg Pulao

This tasty pulao is a simple and wholesome dish. It works well during the lenten season when meat is restricted. Serve with raitha, hot pickle and vegetable. Ingredients: Serves 5-6 Boiled Eggs whole: 6 Basmati Rice: 2 1/2 cups Green cardamom: 3 Whole cloves: 4 Bay leaf- 1 large Cinnamon- 2 inches Turmeric powder: 1/4tsp Lemon: […]

Eggy Mania- Masala Egg Burji

Now who can say no to eggs…hmmm…not me….my love for eggs has been an off and on affair…..truly hated eggs when i was in school at SFX boarding, when we were served cold bulls eyes ( sunny side up) or egg omelettes for breakfast… truly had a hard time either passing them on to willing […]