Egg free and No-Churn Tender Coconut Ice cream.

I first came across the concept of ‘Tender Coconut Ice cream’ on my recent trip home. A post dinner drive to the Naturals Icecream parlour a couple of minutes from home is simply not be missed. A few flavours packed into boxes,  we would rush home to indulge our senses and our already bursting bellies to some luscious creamy ice creams..hmmm. Of the many delicious flavours on offer at Naturals ‘Pistachios, Roasted Almonds, Custard apple/ Sitaphal, Strawberry’…to name a few…. ‘Tender Coconut’ is a definite favourite. 

Back in the UK  I have been been looking forward to warmer weather for a long long time, its been the longest winter ever. The sun has finally made its appearance and Spring has SPRUNG!! if that means anything. The temperatures are higher, days are longer and flowers are finally in bloom 🙂 

This icecream was on top of the to-do list of the many recipes lined up to celebrate summer.  Made with simple cupboard ingredients, it is Fuss free| No-churn | Cream free | and Egg free and definitely the creamiest natural Coconut Ice cream ever despite the absence of cream or egg yolks. For the flavour of Coconut I used coconut milk and a can of condensed milk for the sweet creaminess. I had a couple of chewy coconut biscuits in my pantry cupboard and a pack of frozen tender coconut bits lying in my freezer. Incorporated both into my icecream for an absoulutely divine Coconutey icecream. Although the next time I will puree the tender coconut to tinier bits so that I can enjoy the creaminess of the ice cream even more.  Do try my version of this icecream and let me know your thoughts on it. You could however perfectly enjoy the flavours of this ice cream minus the coconut biscuit topping.

To Make an Egg Free, No-Churn Tender Coconut Icecream. (Vegan Version can also be made using Vegan Condensed Milk)
Serves: 10-12 | Preparation time: 10 minutes | Freezing time: 3-4 hours
Nestle Condensed milk: 1 tin (394ml), for a Vegan version use Vegan Condensed Milk (made with Soya milk) or make your own homemade lactose free condensed milk
Coconut milk: 1 tin
Vanilla extract: 2 tsps
Rum/ Vodka: 2 tbsps (optional keeps the ice cream crystal free)
Tender coconut slithers: 3/4 cup. Try to get tender coconut that is neither too tender or too mature, but in between.
Coconut biscuits: 2 nos (optional) for topping.

1. In a big glass bowl beat together coconut milk and condensed milk to incorporate air and make the mixture light and frothy. ( electric beaters will work great)
2. Add vanilla extract and rum and beat again for a minute. Pour the ice cream into an airtight container and freeze for 45 minutes to an hour till slightly thickened. Take the icecream out from the freezer add the tender coconut pieces and gently mix to fold in the coconut bits. Add a couple of crumbled coconut biscuits to the top, lightly press, close and return the ice cream to the freezer for a further 3-4 hours or until set. 

I used the regular Condensed milk for this icecream.
1. For a vegan version of this Icecream you can buy Vegan Condensed Milk online here.
Or make your own homemade lactose free condensed milk.
2. More interesting information on health benefits of coconut milk here.

Your in Taste,

Carol Pereira.

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