Boiled Eggs in a Mangalore Style Hot, Sweet and Sour Gravy without Coconut.

Well we are well into the Lenten season, and for the past couple of weeks our diet has been mainly Vegetarian with the odd Seafood, Chicken or Eggs. (Meat is so hardwired into our systems, don’t think any Mangi Catholic can actually abstain from any form of meat 😉 but for those who do…Kudos 🙂

This Egg preparation is really delicious, it is well rounded with the right balance of heat, spice, sweet and sourness. I know of many people who do not like anything sweet in savoury dishes, including hubby, but this one he thoroughly enjoyed. I tend to make this preparation using the Mangalore Bunt chilli powder ( available in most Mangalore Stores or can be easily prepared at home), alternatively use the basic spice combination given in the recipe below, to give you an equally delicious curry. This gravy is semi thick in consistency and will make a lovely accompaniment to Chappatis, Parotas, Rotis, Naans, Puris, Dosas or even rice.

I would love to know if you enjoyed this or any of my recipes. Please  do drop me a line or send me a picture of the dish you made at [email protected] or on my Facebook page. Or simply Share this recipe with your loved ones. It would make my day 🙂

Yours in Taste,

Carol Pereira.

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