Mangalore Style Spinach Daaliso Saar

This hearty and healthy /low fat daal is packed with the goodness of spinach, it is simple to make and an excellent accompaniment to white rice/ chappatis.
Food Fact:
Spinach is well known to be a nutritional power house.
It is rich in calcium required for strong bones, vitamins A and C plus the fiber, folic acid, magnesium and other nutrients which help to control cancer. Folate which helps protect against heart disease. The flavonoids in spinach help protect against age related memory loss. Spinach’s secret weapon, lutein, makes it one of the best foods in the world to prevent cataracts.
Daals are hearty and healthy full of proteins, vitamin B, folate, iron, cholesterol lowering soluble fiber and gut regulating insoluble fiber, helps in maintaining a healthy heart, blood and nervous system.
So why not treat yourself to a bowl of this yummy healthy spinach daaliso saar….!
Ingredients for Spinach Daaliso Saar:

Oily Toor dal- 1cup
Frozen whole spinach- 3 large cubes or 3 hand full of whole washed spinach leaves roughly torn.
Slit green chillies- 3-4
Tumeric- 1/4 tsp
Ginger crushed- 1/2 inch
Whole cherry tomatoes- 4
Hing- pinch
Salt to taste
Water- 3 cups
Mustard seeds- 1.5tsp
Small red chillies- 4-5
Cumin seeds- 1tsp
Curry leaves- a sprig
Oil: 3tsps
To serve:
Few sprigs freshly chopped coriander leaves
lemon juice- 1/2 no.
1. Place all the ingredients for spinach daaliso saar in a pressure cooker with 3 cups water and salt. Bring to boil on a medium heat with lid closed and pressure weight on. Allow 2-3 whistles. Take off heat. Let pressure drop completely before opening cooker.
2. Mash daal using back of a big metal spoon. I like my daal thin for rice and thick for chappatis, so accordingly add hot water.
3. Next for seasoning, in a vessel, heat oil ,add mustard seeds, when splutters add small red chillies and curry leaves and fry, add cumin seeds when lightly brown and aromatic, pour in daal. Bring to boil, check for salt.
4. Sprinkle over chopped coriander leaves and squeeze half a lemon juice over daal , boil for another 2 minutes, then turn off heat.
Spinach daaliso saar is ready. Serve hot with chappatis or plain rice.

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