Butter Chakkuli’s/ Crispy Savoury Flour wheels.

This is one of the tastiest Savoury Christmas goodies/ Kuswar that I make and we love at home. 

Chakkuli’s or Crispy savoury flour wheels are light, crunchy, buttery and melt-in-the mouth. They can be made and enjoyed throughout the year. But not in my home…. I can hardly be bothered during the year, but come Christmas, i’m more than enthusiatic and cant wait to churn them out……so without further ado let me share this simple and tasty recipe for Mangalore style Maida butter chakkuli’s/ crispy flour wheels with you 🙂

Maida/Refined flour: 250gms
Naked Urad dal/ Black gram dal(without the outer skin) :1/2 cup
Butter: Lemon size
Cumin seeds: 2 Teaspoon
Sesame seeds – 2-3 Teaspoons

Oma/ Ajwain seeds: 2 pinches (optional)
Salt To taste

1. Sieve refined flour/maida into a bowl. Place sieved flour in a white muslin cloth, tie it loosely, place it in a steamer/ tandoor( mangalore style steamer) and steam it for 20 minutes. Take it out of the steamer, open the cloth, let the flour cool slighlty. Then break all the lumps that have formed with your fingers. Sprinkle salt over the steamed flour and pass the steamed flour through a sieve, placed over a large bowl, twice using the back of a spoon to help break the lumps.

2. Dry roast the naked urad dal in a pan, on a medium flame till they turn golden red and start becoming fragnant. Then soak the fried gram in water for half an hour. Half an hour later grind the dal with enough water to make a smooth fine paste.
3. Next add the ground urad dal paste to the steamed flour, add melted butter, sesame seeds, ajwain seeds, cumin seeds and mix really well. Slowly add water to the mixture, and knead well for a few minutes to get a soft chapathi like dough. Cover the dough with a cloth.

4. Oil the insides of the chakuli press. Insert a small portion of the prepared dough into the Chakuli press/ maker. Keep a clean plastic sheet ready. Press out a few chakkuli of desired size at a time.

5. Place a pan with 4-5 cups of cooking oil in it on a medium flame. When hot, carefully place the chakkuli’s one at a time into the oil. Fry for about 5-7 minutes or till they get a light brown colour. Then using a sieved metal spoon take out the chakkuli’s and place over a sieve covered with kitchen paper to absorb excess oil. Once cool store in airtight containers. Will keep well for 4-5 weeks.

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