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Mangalore Green Masala Paste

This flavourful and aromatic spicy green paste is another Mangalorean Classic. It is used very often in Mangalorean cooking. It is so versatile, it can be used to make Chicken Green Curry, Mutton and Beef Curry, Minced meat dishes, Baked Fish, Chicken Biriyani, Crumb Fried Fish, Vegetable Curry, Fried Meat Steaks….the options are endless. (recipes coming […]

Mangalorean Pothrade/ Pathrade/ Steamed Spicy Rice and Colocossia leaves Cake

I never really appreciated these flavourful and lightly spiced nutrient packed, steamed rice cakes in my younger days. Now that I live across the seas with thousands of miles that seperate me from my dear mum who used to painstakingly prepare these rice cakes from scratch and serve them drenched in a delicious coconut curry […]

Mangalore Style Spicy Plantains with Dried Shrimp, Kele Sukke with Galmbi

This is my mom’s recipe for a very popular Mangalorean plantain preparation, that makes the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of steaming hot rice and lentil soup/ daaliso saar. The star ingredient in this dish being the “tiny dried shrimp” also known as “Galmbi” in Konkani . When added to the plantains these dried shrimp adds […]