My Spring Garden- Part 3, Fruit trees and flowers

The crowning glory of any garden lies in its ability to attract bees, birds and butterflies and what a better way to do it than with flowers filled with nectar and sweet fruits 🙂
Our new flower collection include Perrenials like Red poppy, Aquilegia crimson star/columbine, Lily of the valley, Red hot poker Tritoma, Agapanthus Blue, Black Alcea Rosea, Mixed Gladioli, Mixed Freesia, Acidanthera, Anemone, Dahlia Park Princess and Mixed Lupinus . We have also planted a few creepers like Climbing Rose, Flowering Clematis,Winter Jasmine and Honey Suckle.
The fruiting shrubs/trees we have added to our collection is Dwarf Morello Cherry tree, Red Currants, Strawberry, Lemon Tree and Olive Tree. We plan to acquire a few apple trees later in the season. With these fruit trees we hope to have a self sufficient edible garden few years down the line.


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