My Spring Garden, Part-2- Herbs and Greens

We believe that herbs add a special flavour to home cooking. We have a selection of herbs in our garden that we use frequently to add life to our curries, pastas, fish, meat, including cocktails ;). Our collection includes rosemary, thyme, purple sage, pineapple mint and garden mint. There is nothing fresher and healthier than fresh vegetables from garden onto the plate within a few minutes. We have planted salad leaves, onions, radishes, tomatoes and fiery Caribbean scotch bonnet chillies.We look forward to summer to sample the first crop of the season. This year hubby has also planted turmeric roots from home, all to satisfy our desire for patholees and fish baked in turmeric leaves, we are yet to see this little baby sprout through…..fingers crossed xxxx the sun works its magic on this plant. 1. Indian Curry leaves plant (3years) 2. Turmeric plant 3. Round Baby Radish 4. Spring onions 5. Mixed salad leaves 6. Carribean Scotch Bonnet chilli 7. Rosemary 8. Purple Sage 9. Thyme 10. Pineapple Mint 11. Garden Mint

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