My Spring Garden 2010

Orchid- Cymbidium
Spring is here hurrah!!!
After suffering snow, sleet, rain and consistently freezing temperatures, the winter 2009-10 was recognised by the MET office as the coldest in 31 years..
Finally the frost is gone, the sun is smiling again and mesmerising colours fills the land, cherry blossoms in bloom, tulips, daffodils, petunias, marigold, and chrysanthamums have sprung. The birds are back in business merrily chirping at the site of plump earthworms and tiny flowers and fruit. Its a wonderful season, one we look forward to and thoroughly enjoy.
After learning from our gardening misadventures of the past year and losing most of our plants to the cold during our time away on holiday, we were more determined than ever to have a good, self sufficient, edible and beautiful garden.
With renewed energy our garden boots, hats and gloves are dusted and back in use as we get fresh compost into the moist hungry soil, waiting for a new batch of seeds. Hubby has once again taken to being gardener-in -cheif and has merrily sown our first batch of vegetables, herbs and flowers.
Come summer we shall have flowers on these little plants, and beautiful scents wafting through our garden.
Project: visual paradise in the making!!
Orchid- Pitcher Plant

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