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Mangalorean Fish Curry with Coconut.

This is another tasty traditional Mangalorean fish curry which goes well with fish like sardine, herring and mackeral that have a strong fishy taste. This sour and spicy preparation brings out the best flavours in this type of fish. If possible, serve hot the next day with plain rice, vegetable and pickle as flavours improve […]

Mangalorean Mutton Polov Curry

This traditional recipe is a family favourite especially during a feast, served with soft sannas or appams. Ingredients: Serves 8 Tender mutton/lamb- 1 kg Polov/ ash pumpkin- 3/4 kg ( if not available can substitute with potato) Onion chopped finely- 1 large Ginger- 1 inch Slit green chillies- 4nos Vegetable stew powder- 1/2tbsp ( i used […]

Mangalorean Amshi Tikshi Fish Curry / Hot and Sour Fish Curry-1

Amshi Tikshi Fish Curry/ Hot and Sour Fish Curry For all you fish lovers who love a tangy hot and flavourful fish curry here is a traditional mangalorean feast for those tastebuds.   1 large fish ( 1kg) cleaned and cut into thick slices or 6 mackerals halved or any other firm fish (shark, king fish)  […]

Catch of the day

We mangies love our fish and we are fortunate to have a famous fishmongers shop a stone’s throw away. Every saturday hubbie wakes up early ( amazing but true!) to get the choicest of the fresh catch. Just seeing all the wide array of fresh fish on sale and a crowd of fish lovers waiting […]