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Coconut Blondies.

Well its the end of a non existent summer in the UK, as is every year. And even after all these years I still cannot get my head around to what to wear while leaving the house…..when I’m dressed for rain..its dry as a dessert, and when I dress up warm…its cold as hell…hmmm…guess as […]

Mangalorean Pothrade Curry/ Pathrade Curry

To make this traditional Mangalorean spicy coconut curry ( for chicken/mutton/ prawns) you will need: Ingredients: Pathrades/Pothrade: 2 cylinders cut into 1.5 inch pieces. I prefer the pathrade to be less chunkier. Tender Chicken/ Mutton:  : 1 kg Large Prawns: 1/2 -3/4 kg For Grinding:  Roast seperately Kashmiri/ Bedagi red chillies : 8-9 Peppercorns:  6 Turmeric: 1/4 tsp Cumin […]