Saying ‘I Love you Mother’ with “Baked Banana Donuts with Dark Chocolate Chips”

Mothers Day (10th March) is almost here and I have been gifted a lovely Mothers Day Card handmade by my 2 year old Baby A (at Nursery). What a treasure!!  

I have never really celebrated Mother’s Day at ‘Tickle My Senses’ and have been on the lookout for something simple and special that my reader hubbies/ son’s/daughter’s could create to surprise or treat their wife’s/mom’s to on ‘Mother’s Day’.

I personally love the idea of ‘Breakfast in Bed’ [of course with the flowers and box of chocolates ;)] and was thinking on the lines of something healthy, easy and tasty. And then there were these banana’s with lovely black spots screaming to be used !! Sought some help from my foodie friends on Facebook, then stumbled upon the idea of Banana Donuts at Janies Kitchen.

I think this recipe is brilliant, not only are these Donuts baked, they used up my overipe bananas and included CHOCOLATE CHIPS or NUTS if desired!! You could replace the ‘All Purpose Flour’ with ‘Spelt flour’ for a healthier gluten-free version. Light, airy and delicious with chocolate nibbles yumm!! 
I prepared these donuts in my mini bundt pan (donut pan on my wishlist), they smelt delicous being baked, looked temptingly inviting as I topped them with sugar/ cinnamon sugar, and tasted heavenly!! 
Hubbies and sons n daughters…..I hope I am creating a good picture here!! Do spoil her “SHE” deserves it!!

I dedicate this recipe to My Wonderful Mother “I Love You, Thankyou for Everything” and to all you lovely mommies out there….You r Special !!

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Yours in Taste,

Carol Pereira.  

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