Mangalore Bafat Powder

This is my Mom’s recipe for the Mangalore Bafat/ Baffat/ Baffad powder. She uses it to make her famous Pork Bafat which is very well appreciated, loved, and a BIG HIT at many parties!!

This powder is so versatile, will help you dish up many a chicken, mutton, fish or vegetable curry in a jiffy without breaking a sweat. I use it regularly to perk up my veggies ( yam, swedemarrow/cucumber, pumpkin, gherkins or drumsticks)

Ready made Bafat powder is available in most Mangalore stores and is good, but nothing to beat the freshness and fragrance of homemade Bafat powder.

If preparing a bigger quantity keep in an airtight container in the fridge. Will keep fresh for upto 12 months.

Check out these recipes using Mangalore Bafat powder 
Mangalore Pork Bafat
Mangalore Style Cucumber Bafat 
Oven Roasted Swede with Bafat powder

More Bafat recipes on the way!!

Yours in taste,

Carol Pereira

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