Happy 1st Birthday Baby

To Our Darling Son on his First Birthday………….

God blessed us with a son who is turning one today,
as cute as a bug, and cuddly as a bear,
a dear child who brings out smiles to all those who are near.

When your eyes sparkle it is so nice to see,
that one day you will for certain become all you’re meant to be,
everyday you bring to us all the joy that life could hold,
like teardrops on roses kissed by the morning dew.

Our vows we’ll pledge that by your side we’ll always walk,
our anchor we’ll throw to keep you safe from any storm,
our love will nourish you through the path that you will take,
our promise to cherish that our bond will never break.

Happy birthday to our dear son who couldn’t be more loved,
we turn to God each day and night to keep you safe and sound,
we join you in your night prayers as to the guardian angel you call,
please protect and keep your light on for this cute little boy.

May God bless you today, tomorrow and always
in peace, in health, in happiness and in love.

Source: adapted from Caroline Falzon
I got this idea from the web for a simple 3 layered ice cream cake for Aaron’s Birthday. I used  shop bought vanilla, strawberry and chocolate icecream. I  filled each ice cream layer with my favourite treats. I used maltesers in the vanilla layer, cadbury flakes in the chocolate layer and marshmallows in the strawberry layer. Put them one on top of each other and freezed till required. You could also use chocolate chips/ snickers bits/ mars balls/ toblerone/ oreo cookies etc……let your imagination run wild. It was a truly delightful and enjoyable cake. Must try for a stress free, bake free experience.

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