Lunch at our local pub

One of our favourite family run pubs in Poole is the ‘Poole Arms’. This is one of the smaller pubs on the Poole Quay that solely caters to Fish lovers. Our favourite picks from their menu is their Pint of Prawns (veritably served in a Beer Pint Mug), Grilled Sardines and the Ardennes Pate’. We often visit this pub on Sundays after church service when we are really hungry and fancy a quick fix.
We invariably end up spending a good couple of hours peeling and pigging out on the prawns and getting all messy. Good fishy fun 🙂
Pint of Prawns

Ardennes Pate with toast

Grilled Sardines

A good place to visit when one is voracious and yearning for a simple fish meal.

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