Thursday, 28 July 2011

Heera's Ghariyo- Sweet Banana Fritters.

The first time i tasted this traditional Mangalorean sweet was on my recent trip to the US. My sister-in law Heera is an awesome cook and makes a lot of traditional Mangalorean food. One evening for tea Heera fried up these tiny brown crisp sweet dumplings made up of rice, ripe bananas, jaggery and coconut. A tasty treat for a rainy day with a hot cuppa coffee.

Traditionally ghariyos are made using jackfruit, however bananas being more readily available can also be used.

To make banana fritters you will need:


Dosa rice (available in most Asian grocery stores)- 2 cups

Ripe spotted bananas- Cavendish variety- 5nos

Jaggery to taste

Salt- 2 pinches

Rice flour: 3 tbsps ( makes the fritter crispy)

Coconut grated : half no. ( fresh/ frozen)

Cardamom: 3 pods powdered.


1.Soak washed rice overnight and then grind with bananas and jaggery to a thick and fine paste without adding any water.

2. Add grated coconut, rice flour, salt and cardamom powder and grind for 5 more minutes.

3. In a pan take sufficient oil for deep frying, place on a medium to high flame. Once oil is hot spoon out the ground mixture into the oil carefully. Make a few at a time. Turn over when one side brown and fry the other side.

4. Ladle out the fried fritters using a sieved metal spoon onto absorbent tissue paper.

Serve warm. Put your feet up and enjoy with a cup of your favourite filter coffee. :)


Sia said...

I have had jack fruit ghariyo but never banana ones. gonna make these soon!

Carol Pereira said...

Do try them dear and let me know how u liked them...we loved them when we had it in the send us some once uve made them please sia : )

Preeti S said...

HI Carol,

Are you Heera D'Souza/Pereira's relative???

Carol Pereira said...

Yes Preeti S ....she is married to my husbands brother. How do you know her??