Sunday, 28 June 2009

Home Grown Greens

Our first green patch.
Hubby has green fingers. He has been busy all spring planting seedlings of exotic veges and salads to get us a good portion of organic homegrown exotic salad, veges and fruit.
Here is a glimpse into our very first garden.
1. Strawberry shrub
Our first strawberry- still not plucked .... too beautiful to eat.
Mums valcheybhajji is finally growing ....hurray....
Bell pepper plant
Sunflower plant
Our first salad radishes.
Baby corn plant & Sweet pea creeper behind.
Tomato plant
Hongkong cabbage
Salad leaves
Bell pepper
Baby potatoes


John said...

it is fascinating to see your garden and its
produce. you are so lucky to get such fresh organic stuff. equally lucky to get fresh fish nearby. we have to cover miles to go to the fish market and one is never sure to get fresh fish. your dishes are mouth watering and
exotic. keep it up. mom & dad.

Carol Pereira said...

thanks dad and mom.

AshaReddy said...

Your organic garden is very inspiring. I am now planing to cultivate my own vegetable garden in my new house. I have tried some of your recipes and must say they are simple and tasty. Keep up the good work.

Carol Pereira said...

thank you asha.....i hope you garden is coming up well........thanks for the compliments on my recipes, im happy you liked them.