Tickle My Senses Recipe Index

Vegetable Dry Preparations or Sukke's

Vegetables Curries

Kuvalo che taak kadi/ Spicy buttermilk kadi with ashgourd vegetable

Dals/ Saaru, Sambar (Lentil Preparations)
Mangalore style DaalisoSaar- My Mom's 
Mangalorean Daaliso Saar/ Lentil Soup- My Mil's

Mangalorean Black Channa/ Sonay Sukke

Fish Fry
Mangalorean Style- Masala Fried Squid/ Calamari  
Prawns Fried with Crushed Mustard Seeds *Bengali

Fish Curries
Baked Fish
Kori- Roti/ Bunt's Special Chicken Curry with Crispy Rice Crepes
Mangalore Chicken Curry with Roce/ Coconut Milk (Kori Ghassi)  
Mangalore Style Pepper Chicken Curry  
Goan Chicken Xacuti without Coconut
Mangalorean Chicken Stew with Vegetables

Dry Preparations/ Sukke
Mangalorean Chicken Sukka, Chicken in a Dry Spice Paste with Coconut-1
Mangalore Style Spicy Rabbit Sukka/ Sukkha, Rabbit in a Spicy Dry Coconut Gravy-2

Bachelors Chicken Sukka or Mangalore Style Spicy Chicken with Coconut

Oven Baked /Grilled Chicken
Goan Chicken Cafreal   * Goan
Jamaican Grilled Jerk Chicken  *Jamaican
EASTER SPECIAL: Spicy Roast Chicken
Oven baked tomato chicken

Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings/ Baked Spicy Chicken Wings

Red Meat (Beef/Mutton/Lamb/ Pork)

Simple Hot and Spicy Beef Curry! The Express Way!  * No Grinding 
Hot, Spicy and Divine Oxtail Vindaloo  * No Grinding 
Beef Chilly Fry- A treasured family recipe

Mutton/ Lamb
Mangalorean Mutton Polov Curry
Spicy Green Masala Griddled Lamb Chops
Mangalorean Pothrade Curry/ Pathrade Curry
Spicy Chilli and Thyme Lamb Chops
Kheema Mutter Masala
Rocky Mountain Oysters Pepper Fry
Mangalorean Lamb Chops Green Curry with Fenugreek Leaves
Pot Roasted Leg of Lamb in a Spicy Mangalore Style Curry

Mangalorean Baffat Dukrache Maas / Pork Baffat Curry  
Chilli Pork Ribs * No Grinding 
Goan Pork Ribs * Goan
Pork Pepper Fry
Goan Pork Sausages Curry

Scrambled Eggs

Savoury Hot Egg Puffs using Mangalorean Spices

Biryanis and Pulaos

Mangalore Rice Preparations 


Other Traditional Goodies
Ghariyo- Sweet Banana Fritters
Mangalorean Pothrade/ Pathrade/ Steamed Spicy Rice and Colocossia leaves Cake
Instant Mangalorean Jackfruit/ Ponsachey Patholi

                            Recipes for Nativity Day 

Vegetarian Recipes for Novein Jowaan,  for The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Introduction to Nativity Day / Monthi Fest
Mangalorean Black Channa/ Sonay Sukke

Breakfast/ Tiffin

Steamed Fruit

Dosas & Pancakes



Chutneys, Salads and Raithas

Spicy hyderabadi tomato chutney * Hyderabadi

Mangalore Style- Coconut-ey Brinjal Salad


Spices and Condiments

Masala Pastes/ Marinades
Goan Cafreal Marinade  * Goan

                              Jams, Preserves and Pickles

Cherry and Port Jam


Minced Green Apple Pickle 

Wild Garlic Pickle

Christmas Special 




Kuswar / Mangalorean Christmas Sweet and Savoury Fare


International Cuisine

Soft and Fluffy American Style Pancakes * American



Jamaican Grilled Jerk Chicken  *Jamaican
Oven Roasted Fish in a Spicy North African Chermoula Marinade * African

Kanafeh/ Middle Eastern Sweet with Cheese * Arabic

Cakes and Bakes

Cakes (With Eggs)

Heart warming Jelebis
Sweet Date and Walnut Crescents/ Nevryo/ Nevrio, Karanji, Kajjayakalu
Instant Mangalorean Jackfruit/ Ponsachey Patholi

Pearl/ Sago Vanilla payasam

Laddus, Sweetened Balls
Sweet Semolina Balls with Almonds, Raisins and Condensed milk/ Rava Laddus

                   Homemade Ice cream

Egg free, Churn free
Vegan, Egg free and No-Churn Tender Coconut Ice cream

Baby Food/ Kid Friendly: Tickle My Baby

Simple Vegetables with Rice and Lentils  (6 months +)

Orange Chicken (12months +)

Recipes for New Mothers, Breast feeding Moms



Unknown said...

Can you give/post the recipe for christmas sweet " Aatras " I remember helping my mom make the Aatras but don't know exactly how much ingredients is put in it... I think Moog,patal god,sure tando,pepper,salt,oil to fry,no coconut...can you post the recipe please,
thank you,

Carol Pereira said...

Dear San Lew,

Thankyou for visiting.

Is there another name for this sweet?? Or can you describe how it looks???



Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I have been looking for the recipe of this sweet too. You get it in bakeries in Managalore.

It is flat rounds deep fried in coconut oil. It has a dark brown colour. The ingredients as San has rightly point has jaggery, dal, pepper, rice.

It has a lengthly procedure where in you have to make a pak of Jaggery (one string consistency) and mix the pounded ingredients in it.

If you can get the recipe it will be really great.

Thank you.

Carol Pereira said...

Hi Flo,
Thankyou for visiting and leaving your request, I shall do a bit of research and get back to you as soon as I find some more info on it.

Anonymous said...


Could you please post a recipe for Pork Pepper fry?


Carol Pereira said...

Dear Gladys, thankyou for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying the recipes here.
I have made note of your request, will surely keep it in mind for the next time when I buy pork !!
Till then Happy Cooking!!

Carol Pereira said...

Dear San Lew and Flo,

I have managed to do a bit of research and am happy to say that I think I might have an Idea to the sweet you are referring to ...:))
It is known as Athirasa/ Adhirasa/ Kejjaya( Im familiar with this term)
As you say they are made of jaggery, ground rice with addition of cardamom and black pepper.
I dont see myself making these in th enear future, hence I have found you two links where you can find the recipe with pictures for guidance. Do let me know how you get along.
If you do make them do send me a picture will put in up on the blog for all other lovers of Kejjaya :))

Below are the links to two recipes....copy and paste the links into your browser window and that would take you directly to the recipe page





Hope that helps,

Happy Cooking,


Unknown said...

Hi Carol!!

Hope you and every one at home are doing well! .It's Beula here... of recent I have been on a food expedition which is a good thing.. :) Is it possible for you to post a recipes on Sanna's?

Very soon I plan on trying a recipe from here and look fwd to it. Very inspiring..Keep it come.

Much love,

Carol Pereira said...

Hey Beula,

What a pleasant surprise. A very warm welcome to Tickle My Senses !

We all good here thankyou, I hope you all are well too.

Its brill to know you on a Food Expedition....well done sis ;)
Might have to pop by yours sometime for a meal ;)

Thankyou for the compliments. I'm so glad you like the blog. Much appreciated :). I hope you do try out some recipes......look forward to your feedback when you do :)

Thankyou for your request. I have mede note of it and shall have a recipe for Sannas posted soon!

Love to all at home and Happy Cooking !