Saturday, 3 December 2011

My First Awards!!

I am really honoured and lucky to receive my first blog awards from Teena Mary @ Teenz' Yummy Delight. Thank you Teena, I'm on top of the moon :)

Teena has a lovely food blog with interesting, healthy and tasty recipes.  Do visit her beautiful blog and enjoy her tasty recipes, wonderful pictures and leave her your precious comments :)

When I started blogging there were so many blogs that I came across, but a few really made an impression. It is a joy to follow these creative and beautiful blogs . 

I would like to pass on these awards to my blogger friends whose blogs have been a visual and sensual treat. 

Nieves @ Igloo cooking
Aarthi @ Yummy tummy
Amy @ Food Corner

Congrats and Spread the love.................



Aarthi said...

Thank you so much for your award dear..Thank you for remembering me while you pass these awards on..It really mean a lot to me..


Amila said...

wow!!What a nice treat for me to start the week!!First of all,congrats on your awards & thanks so much for passing it to me too...I am honoured!!

nieves said...

ooohhhhhhhhh, muchas gracias, many thanks!!! estoy muy emocionada, me hace mucha ilusión que te hayas acordado de mi blog! eres genial, una fuente de inspiración!! I'm honoured and in the top of the moon too!!! You're wonderful!Me llevo los premios con mucha alegría!!!
kisses from Madrid,
igloo cooking

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

congrats on your well deserved awards dear...keep rocking..
so sweet of you to remember me..just posted today..:)
Tasty Appetite

Dudut said...

wow! thank you so much! apologize for commenting just now...been jumping from palce to place and doing tons of activities!

i appreciate the award very much and hopefully return the favor sometime :)

have a great day ahead!

Vegetarian Surprises said...

congrats for all the awards...I'm liking all the curries on ur blog...& a very interesting blog name !!