Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mangalorean Gosale Theil Piao/ Ridge Gourd Palya

This ridged and textured gourd is one of my favourite vegetables. Appreciate its sweet and delicate flavours by simply cooking it with one of the simplest mangalorean vegetable cooking styles called 'theil piao' which when literally translated means onion and oil. I have added a few more ingredients to enhance flavours of this vegetable.

Ridge Gourd/ Gosale/Doddak: 2 medium sized
Coconut dessicated/ fresh: 1 handful
Green chillies slit: 3
Curry leaves: 2 sprigs
Finely chopped ginger: 1 inch
Salt to taste
Oil: 2-3 tsps
1. Choose tender and young ridge gourds for this preparation. Wash the ridge gourd well. Using a peeler, peel off a layer over the ridges only. Cut the ridge gourd into half length-wise and then into thin slices across.
2. Put all the ingredients in a vessel, mix well, add 3tbps water and cook closed on a medium flame till done.

Gosale theil piao is ready. Serve hot as a side dish with plain rice and daaliso saar and masala fried fish.


Joe Rego said...

Indians, who are 3 times more susceptible to cardiovascular disease than most other races, should run away from coconut that they use to spruce up their vegetables, and curries. I grow gosaley (ridge gourd) here in California, and skip the coconut, and the curry-leaves, in the cooking process, using a small heirloom tomato (which I also grow)instead, and it still tastes great, if not better. All the same, thanks for taking the time to create your blog.

Carol Pereira said...

Hi Joe....thanks for visiting and n leaving your comment.....

I too like yourself used to believe that coconut isnt good for the heart, but recent research now dispproves it........

Im sure you will find the below article fascinating......(just copy and paste the link to your browser window)

Lavina said...

Fantastic recipe absolutely love your blog!..Thank you
6 years later on a reply to Joe -on the question of heart disease due to coconut, well we all are terminal, that said if our parents and grandparents lived till their ripe old age eating coconut laced curries and dry dishes then moderation and exercising might be the best way to avoid health problems, of course taking genetics into consideration as well and not just boiling your gosaley with heirloom tomatoes.